What would you like to eat today?

1-Beef Medallion Steak

Veal Fillet, Cheese Tart, Mashed Potato, Vegetables, Mushroom Sauce.

2-Bistecca Pollo

Grilled Chicken Breasts, Cheese Tart, Mashed Potato, Vegetables, Hot Sauce.

3-Atlantic Gift

Norwegian Salmon, Cheese Tart, Mashed Potato, Vegetables, Rice Noodles, Teriyaki Sauce.

4-Parmesan Shrimp

Grilled Shrimps, Risotto With Pesto Sauce, Vegetables, Lemon & Yogurt Sauce.

5-Royal Cheeseburger

Ground Veal, Veal Bacon, French Fries , Onion Rings , Side Salad.

6-Vegetables Dish

Mushroom, Brussels Sprouts , Cherry Tomatos , Pearl Black Olives, Baby Corn, Green Mung Beans , Almond Flakes, Sesame Seeds.

1-Egg Benedict

English Mufn ,Bacon , Pouched Egg ,Hollandaise Sauce , Salad And Potato Side.

2-Egg Royale

English Mufn , Smoked Salmon , Poached Egg , Hollandaise Sauce , Salad And Potato Side.

3-Scarmbled Egg

Cheese And Spinach Vafle , Egg Mix , Crispy Bacon Scallion , Parmesan.

4-English Breakfast

Fride Egg , Mushroom , Cherry Tomato , Beans , Veggie Tomato , Chorizo Sausage , Roast Bread.

5-Cold Breakfast

Croissant , Berry Jam , Cream , Honey , Aromatic Cheese , Date And Sesame Cheese , Grapes , Cucumber.

6-Factory Omelet

Omelet With Vegetables( Your Choice) , Mushroom , Bell Pepper , Onion , Bacon , Cheese.

7-Cheese Platter

5 Styles Of Cheese, Strawberries, Green Apple , Arugula Walnuts, Almonds , 2 Varieties Of Jam, Pretzel Sticks, Ciabatta Bread, Veal Bacon, Side Salad.

8-Bagel Salmon

Smoked Salmon , Guacamole , Creamy Cheese , Cucumber , Rocolla , Bagel Bread.

9-Orginal Pancake

With Fruit Salad And Honey.

10-Nutella Pancake

With Banana And Strawberry.

11-Belgium Vafle

With Cream , Berry And Strawberry Sauce(Natural).

12-French Toast

With Caramelize Fruit .

13-Fruit Yogurt And Granola

With Natural Fruits.

1-Greek Beef Shish Kebab

Grilled Veal Chops , Sweet Pepper , Onion , Grilled Tomatoes , Spicy Rice.

2-Greek Chicken Shish Kebab

Grilled Chicken Fillet , Sweet Pepper , Onion , Grilled Tomatoes , Spicy Rice.

3-Steak And Rice

Veal Steak Fillet , Flavored Butter , Rice.

4-Salmon And Rice

Salmon Fillet , Mixed Pickles, Herb Rice.

5-Chicken Curry

Chicken Drumsticks In Thick Curry Sauce, Rice.